Thursday, January 14, 2010

Agent Zero, Not Licensed to Kill...

...Let alone bring firearms from Virginia to the District of Columbia. Word on the street is that Gilbert Arenas is in negotations with prosecutors for a plea deal relating to the gun charges that could be levied against Arenas soon. If I were Arenas's attorney I would get him to cop a plea, and soon. Want to know why?

1. He's going to be indicited by the grand jury if he doesn't plead out. Currently, testimony is being heard by a grand jury which will decide whether or not to indicit Gilbert Arenas on charges related to holding an ulicensed firearm (a felony with a max of 5 years in federal pound-me-in-the-ass-prison), which I might add Gilbert has allegedly done 4 times. For those of you that don't know about the way a grand jury works, it's basically stacked against the defendant. The prosecution gets to call all the witnesses it wants to try to prove to a jury that probable cause exists to indict the defendant on the charges the prosecution wants levied. The defense on the other hand has no ability to call witnesses or testify on their own behalf. Basically it's like a trial where the prosecution gets to present all its evidence and the defense doesn't. Wouldn't you convict if you only saw one side of the evidence?

2. If he gets indicted, there's a lot of evidence against him--he'll be convicted. Basically Arenas has admitted to the public through his last appology statement that he brought firearms into the Washington Wizards locker room. Those firearms were purchased in Virginia and weren't registered in D.C. Oops, you violated the law and told everyone in public you did it. Kind of an open and shut case.

3. If he gets convicted, won't be much mercy. If you are looking for mitigating circumstances to bring down Arenas's sentence, there aren't a lot. Although Arenas released several public statements appologizing for his conduct and saying what he did was wrong, his own actions have shown he doesn't think his gun possession was all that serious. In particular, Arenas tweeted making light of the fact that he got busted ("i wake up this morning and seen i was the new JOHN WAYNE. lmao media is too funny."), laughed about the incident and said that he pulled out the guns "as a joke," and was caught on camera using his fingers as fake guns in jest before a Wizards game after the gun showdown story broke. It's patently obvious that anything relased to the media by Arenas was written by some PR guy or an attorney and that he wasn't taking the charges seriously. A lack of remorse for your crime isn't a good way to get your sentence reduced. I bet the DA will throw the book at him if they can and make an example out of him like Plaxico Burress.
So Agent Zero, your mission is now to plead out as fast as you can, especially if you can somehow avoid jail time. Otherwise, your defense is mission impossible.

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