Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Idiotic Fans of the Week

Although it's easy fodder, every week the neighborhood will spotlight one particularly egregious moment of fan idiocy per week. This week's award goes to Philadelphia Eagles fans, who aren't exactly known as the brightest or least fickle bunch on the fan spectrum.

Why you ask? Well, according to a poll on the Philadelpia Inquirer website, more Eagles fans prefer bringing Michael Vick back to play for the Eagles (33.9%) than Donovan McNabb (32.6%). Now while support for either of these guys isn't very high and the poll sure isn't scientific, that the "approval rating" for Donovan McNabb is even low, let alone lower than Michael Vick is about as idiotic as Tiger Woods thinking he could get away with sleeping with 15+ women and never get caught.

Let's break down the stats this year alone:

McNabb: 3553 yards, 60.3% completions, 22 TDs/10 INTs, 92.5 QB rating, 37 attempts/140 rushing.
Vick: 6/13, 46.2% completions, 1 TD/0 INTs, 93.7 QB rating, 24 attempts/94 yards rushing.

First of all many teams would KILL for a QB with numbers like McNabb's. Vick on the other hand worked on 37 plays all year for the Eagles and spent all last year in prison. Vick is by no means the dynamic player he was with the Falcons-- a dynacism that made up for the fact that he was not an accurate downfield passer (see the career QB rating of 75.9). McNabb on the other hand has been playing at a Pro Bowl level for years. Philly fans have hated McNabb from the time they (once again idiotically) booed him at the NFL Draft. Philly has a bad playoff game this year and suddenly McNabb is done and no one wants him back. Hmm...maybe its because this is coming from a fan base that mercilessly boos their own team at every opportunity and loves the chance to have a knee jerk reaction about something. While McNabb isn't in his prime anymore, its crazy to think that he isn't worth bringing back to a team whose offense was clicking during the season in favor of keeping a man who's been in federal prison for a few years or a QB who played in the run and shoot during college.

Eagles fans, you are the idotic fans of the week. If you don't want McNabb, I've got a bag of magic beans I can trade you for him...

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